Metabolism Age

The volatile turmeric oil is also considered to be very effective in the treatment of respiratory disorders.Inhaling of turmeric oil vapors removes sputum, relieves cough, and asthmarelated problems. Essential oils are also known to pacify gastrointestinal problems and ulcers. Histopathological studies have indicated the role of essential oil of fennel. The mental and neurological disorders often remained neglected as traditionally mortality impact of disease was given due importance.This has resulted in lack of facilities related to the neurological disorders at all levels of health care.It is only recent that the neurological and psychological health issues have been considered by policy makers and healthcare units as important causes of disabilities around the world. As per the world health report, presented by WHO on mental health and neurological disorders, there are approximately million people around the globe suffering from one or other neurological problem representing about of global load of diseases.Strokes are major cause of mortality among neurological disorders and are considered as the third most common cause of deaths in western countries next to coronary heart disease and cancer. The statistics of these disorders are even worse in developing countries due to malnutrition and cognitive problems related to parasitic infections. It is estimated that primary epilepsy alone affects million people globally, and more than of them belong from developing countries. The lack of treatments in developing nations further accentuates the problem.Majority of persons suffering from mental health issues can lead a normal life if properly treated.Thus, it points out to an immediate need to seek new remedies which are cheap and affordable to tackle these problems especially in developing countries of the world.Many essential oils and their volatile active constituents are known to improve brain functioning and possess neuroprotective effects R.It brings about the reduction in malondialdehyde content and increases superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase activities. The oil inhalation or oral dosage causes sedative effects.It was concluded that these effects resulted by the blocking of NMDA. Such effects are induced by the essential oils of basil by the reduction in cerebral infract size and lipid peroxidation, and increased glutathione levels. The extracts of the plant are known to potentiate anxiolytic and sedative effects as well. The oil is effective in treating migraine, insomnia, and depression. The essential oil from the plant alleviates neuronal atrophy, increases neurogenesis in hippocampal regions, and induces antidepressant effects. The oil and its active constituent, cedrol, have got sedative effects and also affect autonomic nervous system. It also reduces oxidative stress and improves brain functioning. Volatile components of jasmine essential oils are reported to alleviate stress depression by modulating corticosterone and oxidative stress in mice.They are known to decrease neuroinammation as well. The major volatile components present in the essential oils of lavender are linalyl acetate and linalool. Inhaling lavender oil is known to have relaxing effects.It possesses excellent mood stabilizing and sedative properties. The neuroprotective potential of lavender oil has been shown in cerebral ischemiareperfusion injury in mice. Lavender oil affects brain activity and autonomous nervous system.

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