Galactose Metabolism

The formulation T, which showed higher entrapment efficiency, provides higher permeation of drug from transfersomal gel this fact confirms the above said.The application of transdermal delivery to a wider range of drugs is limited due to the significant barrier to penetration across the skin which is allied primarily with the outermost stratum corneum layer of the epidermis.Consequently the daily dose of drug that can be delivered from a transdermal patch is mg, in point of fact limiting this route of administration to potent drugs. A transfersome is an artificial vesicle designed to be like a cell vesicle, and used to deliver drugs or genetic material into a cell.Transfersome is composed of one natural amphipath that tends to selfaggregate into vesicles.The later are then supplemented by at least one bilayer softener. The vesiclelike transfersome thus normally possesses an aqueous core surrounded by a complex, very fluid and adaptable lipid bilayer.Apart from its pharmacological actions, it has also been investigated as photostabilizing agent to protect photolabile drugs in solution, topical preparations and soft gelatin capsules.All other ingredients used were of analytical grade.A thin lipid film was formed inside the flask wall with rotation.The thin film was kept overnight for complete evaporation of solvent.The film was then hydrated with phosphate buffer with gentle shaking for minute at corresponding temperature.The transfersome suspension further hydrated up to hour at C. The preparation procedure was accordingly optimized and validated.The preparation of transfersomes containing curcumin involves various process variables such as effect of lecithin:surfactant ratio and effect of various surfactants, optimization was done by selecting entrapment efficiency of drug.During the preparation of a particular system, the other variables were kept constant.Chemical characterization includes those studies which established the purity and potency of various transfersomal constitutions.The prepared transfersome were placed in centrifugation tube and centrifuged at rpm for minute.Encapsulation efficiency is expressed as the percent of drug trapped.Optimized curcumin transfersomes aqueous dispersion was utilized for the formulation of topical hydrogel. Optimized transfersome dispersion equivalent to mg of pure drug was taken.Hydrogel polymer such as carbopol P was utilized to obtain controlled release topical hydrogel.The dispersion was neutralized with aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide to adjust the pH. Abdominal skin hairs were removed and the skin was hydrated in normal saline solution.The adipose tissue layer of the skin was removed by rubbing with a cotton swab.Skin was kept in isopropyl alcohol solution and stored at C. At appropriate time intervals ml aliquots of the receptor medium were withdrawn and immediately replaced by an equal volume of fresh phosphate buffers to maintain sink conditions.Correction factors for each aliquot were purchase Letrozole considered in calculation of release profile.Transfersomes are also known as elastic liposomes or flexible vesicles which have better penetration ability than conventional liposomes.The proposed system is more stable, having higher entrapment efficiency, can be used as self penetration enhancer, easy to scale up better for dermal delivery.The effect deformable vesicles formulations were of phospholipids and edge activator ratio found to be in the range of: IR spectra of curcumin with polymer.

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