Ingredient Libraries for Medication Development in Neurological Ailments

Goal Molecule Corp. (TargetMol) is actually a global higher-technician company, headquartered in Boston, MA, devoted to compound and biological research item and service to fulfill the investigation requirements of international buyers. I am just presenting our compound libraries for substance finding in nervous system ailments.

Diseases Influencing the CNS:

Sociable and mood conditions

Neurodegenerative ailments

Human brain cancer

Neuropathic ache

Heart stroke

TargetMol Substance Libraries for Substance Finding in Nerve Diseases:






CNS-Penetrant Compound Library


320 CNS-Penetrant compounds which can be used for CNS-Penetrant related research and drug screening for CNS diseases


Neuronal Signaling Compound Library


936 compounds targeting CNS signaling, can be used for high throughput screening and high content screening for new drugs in neurological disorders.


Neural Regeneration Compound Library


149 compounds related to neuroregeneration as Neuroregeneration Compound Library, which can be used for screening of drugs that promote axonal growth and regeneration.


Nervous system disease Library Plus


935 small molecules with unique structures targeting nervous system disease, covering 52 nervous system disease-related targets with IC50 below 3.5 μM,is a powerful tool for drug development in nervous system disease and related study.


GPCR Compound Library


730 GPCR-active agents for GPCR drug discovery, and new GPCR target identification and research


GPCR Library Plus


A focused small molecule library, was developed against particular GPCRs containing 403 GPCR-active agents with IC50 less than 3.5 μM for GPCR drug discovery, target identification, and research in signaling pathway.


Drug Repurposing Library


Approved and clinical drugs, which have undergone extensive preclinical studies and have well-characterized bioactivities, safety and bioavailability – properties which could dramatically accelerate drug development and optimization, is a good tool for drug repurposing and cell induction.


Natural Compound Library


1880 pure natural products and their derivatives with known biological activity for drug discovery, pharmacological study, and stem cell differentiation, and can be used for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS)

We know that with the aid of our fast and productive international offer sequence, professional and thorough procurement approach, and prompt powerful items, you are going to spend less time cheaper charge and guide in biology research and early on substance discovery and testing. For more informations, you can travel to Our e-mail address: Consumer) or Consumer).

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