The result illustrates that anthocyanin treatment enhanced the solubility of sickle deoxyhemoglobin and reduced the osmotic fragility of sickle red cell. It is reported that resveratrol induced more hemoglobin production than hydroxyurea with respect to erythroid differentiation which is linked to time and dosedependent inhibition of cell proliferation.Properties of resveratrol like induction of nitric oxide synthase, inhibition of neutrophilmonocyte adhesion, and inhibition of platelet aggregation may be additionally advantageous to SCA patients. Angelicin, structurally related to psoralens, is an inducer of erthyroid differentiation and globin mRNA accumulation as compared to cytosine arabinoside, mithramycin, and cisplatin.Iron overload leads to the generation of free radicals that subsequently cause oxidation of biomolecules and tissue damage.This occurs due to frequent blood transfusion in SCA patient.Result suggests that lipoic acid has the ability to improve cellular redox status and attenuate ironmediated elevation of oxidant level dosedependently.Result suggests that it can able to reduce iron accumulation in the specied organs.As slight reduction of reticulocyte count was observed after months, it may indicate lower hemolysis. Docosahexanoic acid is an omegafatty acid which was explored for its effect on membrane exibility of RBC in mice model of SCD.Result showed that stiffness of RBC decreased and a number of irreversibly sickled RBC was lowered upon treatment with docosahexanoic acid. It was investigated clinically for its ability to decrease oxidative stress for SCA.Results indicate that gum arabic at the dose of gday for weeks is able to signicantly enhance the total antioxidant capacity and reduce the MDA as well as HO which are the marker of oxidative stress. Epigallocatechin gallate is a buy Pramoxine hydrochloride avonoid class of polyphenol having antioxidant activity.This is one of the key ingredients present in green tea extract.Lglutamine has also been approved recently for the management of acute complications.A lot of research works in the preclinical as well as clinical level have been proceeding targeting the improvement in the pathophysiology of the patients.Though gene therapy can provide an ultimate solution, its therapy is not currently available.Acknowledgment AG, SB, and AD are thankful to DST, CSIR, and UGC, respectively, for providing fellowship to carry out research support.Retrospection of the effect of hydroxyurea treatment in patients with sickle cell disease.It is known to be initiated as a normal body defense mechanism during injury, exposure to contaminants, radioactive substances, toxicants as well as allergens and infection by a plethora of agents like microbes, viruses.Inammation is involved in a host of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, obesity, and even cancer.Several inammatory mediators are produced and secreted at the time of inammatory responses of different kinds. Inammation is associated with the characteristics like pain, swelling, redness, loss of function in the affected area and heat accumulation in the inamed area.A signicant role in human health is being played by natural products with respect to preventing and treating inammatory conditions.Besides various synthetic antiinammatory agents available, herbal medicine still plays a major role to cure various health conditions as large number of medicinal plants possess secondary compounds that retard the key steps of the inammation pathway.

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