Estrogen Metabolism

All chapters have been updated and many have been revised extensively.I would like to acknowledge each author of every chapter for the time and effort spent to write informative articles and reviews on their area of expertise.It is hoped that those seeking a guide to pharma RD will nd this book very helpful and informative.I deeply indebted this book to the top class researchers and their scientic contributions.As editor of this book, I would like to acknowledge the authors for their valuable contributions.This comprehensive book would not have been possible without their enthusiasm and cooperation throughout the stages of this project.I also would like to express my gratitude to all the anonymous reviewers of sample chapters who improved the quality of this book through their critical comments and constructive suggestions.Padmashri and others associated with production and typesetting with english editing is highly appreciated.I personally feel that it takes lots of patience to do all proof reading tasks for such a comprehensive outcome.Special thanks go to the production team for their enthusiastic support.The presented invaluable contributions come from various themes related to plants and medicine on which project outcomes were invited from various authors.I am sure this publication will greatly help different workers in the task of new research activities and will go beyond expectation of different thematic areas in a new era of society, knowledge and science transfer.I am sure this book will attract academicians, civilians, students, researchers, industrialist and pharma companies willing to understand the value of botanicals.I would like to express my gratitude to many readers who will see me through this book, to all those who provided support, talked things over, offered comments and assistance.Work presented in this book has sometimes been at the expense of family time.Finally, I would like to beg forgiveness from all those who have been with me over the course of the years whose names I have failed to mention in this book.CBD acts through adenosine receptors and shows inhibitory action on MS and ILD.In MS it reduces the microglia activation by inhibiting the expression of IL, VCAM, and chemokines.In ILD it reduces inammation by decreasing the production of chemokines, TNF, and IL.CBD shows antagonist effect on cannabinoid receptors CB and CB which leads to decreaseinhibit the action of macrophages and monocytes which in turn results in reduction of oxidized lipoprotein plaque formation in the wall of artery followed by decrease in progression of atherosclerosis.The drug discovery process involves selection of plant material to phytochemical analysis, characterization, and pharmacological investigation followed by detailed preclinical investigation to clinical trials.Up to, approximately of medicinal products were either directly originated from naturally occurring compounds or motivated by a natural product.were natural products or semisynthetic derivatives of natural products, and approximately were either natural product mimic or contained pharmacophore from a natural product.Drug discovery requires the development of efcient and feasible leads, which advance from screening a hit to a drug candidate through structural elucidation identication by GCMS, NMR, IR, HPLC, and HPTLC.The development of new expertise has modernized the evaluation of natural products in new drug discovery.

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