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Natural antioxidants have benecial eects on the prevention of human diseases via their powerful abilities to scavenge free radicals and ROS. Date palm has a powerful antioxidant eect due to its high contents of both, coumaric and ferulic acids, M.IR ischemiareperfusion, AFE aqueous fruit extracts, MFE methanolic fruit extracts, ASE aqueous seed extracts, and MSE methanolic seed extracts, signicant vs sham group, signicant vs IR group, signicant vs IR AFE group, signicant vs IR MFE group and signicant vs IR ASE group.Therefore, the current study tried to examine the eects of aqueous and methanolic extracts of date palm fruits and seeds on renal IR injury and to explore their possible underlying mechanisms in rats.Blood samples were left to clot, then centrifuged to collect serum.The collected urine and serum were stored until the time of analysis at C.About mg of the left renal cortical tissues was uniformly broken in cold buer to a homogenate that centrifuged at rpm for min at C to get the supernatant.A the score of apoptotic labelling index in dierent studied groups by immunohistochemical examination.Kidney specimen showing B no expression of caspase in renal tubules in proximal and distal tubules low nuclear expression of caspase moderate nuclear expression of caspase in proximal, distal tubules and glomeruli moderate nuclear expression of caspase in proximal and distal tubules moderate nuclear expression of caspase in proximal and distal tubules. For each slide, the apoptotic index of caspase was assessed in renal tubular cells by counting the number of positive nuclei in ten randomly, nonoverlapping HPF. TGF expression appeared as cytoplasmic bronzecolored staining.On the other hand, the treated groups have signicantly lower levels of serum creatinine than IR group. Moreover, serum creatinine was signicantly lower in IRAFE group than other treated groups at hafter IR injury whereas no signicant dierence found among the treated groups at both, hand day. The basal values of serum BUN in dierent groups were of no signicant dierence.At the endpoints, serum BUN was signicantly higher in the IR group than the sham group at the three dierent time intervals.A signicant reduction in the level of serum BUN compared to the IR group was found in the treated groups; IRAFE, IRMFE, IRASE, and IRMSE.On the other hand, the concentration of GSH in kidney tissues, was signicantly lower in the IR group than the sham group at honly. Also, compared to IR group, the concentration of GSH was signicantly higher in IRAFE, IRMFE, IRASE, and I RMSE groups at the dierent time intervals caused signicant improvement on the GSH concentration than the methanolic extracts with the fruit extracts being of a signicant improvement on the GSH than the seed extracts. Finally, the activity of catalase enzyme showed nonsignicant dierence between the sham and the IR groups.On the other hand, compared to sham group, the expression of the TNF mRNA in kidney tissues was signicantly higher in the IR group and in all the treated groups at h, hand day. Moreover, the expression of TNF was signicantly downregulated in fruit eactracts groups at dierent time intervals.

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